lunchbox jokes: day 1

source: Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids, by Rob Elliott
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  1. yes, you are crazy to do two! lol. but they are great choices and i am going to steal your lunch box jokes to add to my kids' lunches.

  2. so cute, thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad it's making you smile! So fun.

  4. I asked Ella about it and her look of SHOCK was hysterical - like it was a hidden secret treasure of her class. How did I know about AW's jokes!!! :) She said sheepishly, "can you send me one sometime?" :) Oh good Lord child - I just got a note in there barely - now a joke! I kid. I should tell her to just read AW's. I'll start drawing funny faces or something. Love those two. Did you hear they did some dance moves for the class today? Square dancing - leaders I say.

  5. I love sending jokes in my kiddos' lunch boxes. I found two little tear-out joke books that have made the process much faster (I just sign them and draw a heart!):

    Lunch Box Laughs - by Tony and Mike Nappa
    Lunch Lines - by Dan Signer

    Hope that helps! The trick is keeping it going all year long!!!