31 Days of Praying for Your Children

Scroll down to read the intro to this series.  It'll let you in on how I got on this crazy ride, and why I decided to write for 31 straight days.  Click below to read the other days; I'll be adding the links as they go live.  And if you need something a little lighter today, click the "31 Days of Lunchbox Jokes" banner over there on the top right.

October 1: The first time I prayed scripture for my kids

October 28:  The condition of your flock

October 31:  Day 31

  Baby #4 is due in 5 weeks.  Our laundry pile rivals Pikes Peak, there's homework to help with, dinner to prepare, and floors to mop...weeds to pull, hugs to give, and bike rides to go on.  Life at our house is full, happy, and lots of times completely chaotic and messy too.

When I heard about The Nester's 31-Day Challenge I knew I wanted to do it, but did I need to do it?  

I questioned whether writing that much would be a wise use of my time.  After all, writing 31 consecutive blog posts while trying to raise 3 (almost 4) kids and still keeping up with our home seemed a little bit ambitious (and even silly).  Priorities, anyone?

On the other hand, the kids go to bed early, so if I tied down the house with gusto instead of wasting time dilly dallying (which I'm so good at), I'd have enough time to write my posts at night.  I reminded myself that writing calms me down like watching TV or reading a book before bed might calm other people -- so it'd be a nice way to end my days.  Plus, this would be such a great opporutnity to learn a ton about a topic that I cared about.  Slowly, the 31-Day thing started to seem like a good idea.

In the end, I decided to give this project a shot, and I'm writing a series on praying for my children.  You can read the long drawn out post about how I chose my topic here, but the bottom line is that the next 31 days will be an opportunity for some major learning on my part.

I'm not doing this because I'm an expert pray-er.  I'm doing it because I'm not.  As in, really not.  But knowing that I learn best when I read and research enough about a topic to be able to write about it, I see the coming 31 days as my way of digging deep into something that's super important to me.  I can't think of anything more critical to my life as a wife and a mom than spending daily time with the Lord, petitioning Him on behalf of my family and my children.  So here we go.

I hope you'll join me in this journey, and I hope you'll also check out the other 31 Day-ers!  If you're looking for a laugh, here's a link to my other 31-Day Series, "31 Days of Lunchbox Jokes!"http://shewhodelights.blogspot.com/2012/10/31-prayers-day-31.html
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  1. Great topic! I will be reading! :)

  2. I started a special daily prayer time for my kids and husband last month- looking forward to following along as I continue cultivating the habit!

  3. I was excited to see someone else take on prayer as a topic and what a great angle to help others pray daily for their children!

    I chose to focus on prayers for the hurting - http://claygirlsings.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/31-days-prayer-for-hurting/

  4. I need to become a better prayer as well. Looking forward to following!

  5. LOVE this! Can't wait to read to be on this 31 day journey with you!

  6. Thanks for the kind words, guys! This is so much more challenging than I anticipated, so I sure appreciate your encouragement!

  7. Hey there! Fellow 31 Day'er' stopping by from The Nester. Looking forward to getting caught up and following your series. I long to be more intentional in praying for my children. It's time spent I will never regret. Thank you for sharing your heart!